Corinne joined our team early in 2007 and qualified with her Cert IV Veterinary Nursing in March 2016 and became a registered Veterinary Nurse in Australia. Before coming to us she worked in an American restaurant for years where she gained much customer service experience that transferred well to our Hospital setting. Corinne is able to greatly help our vets by being able to translate and explain difficult problems for owners.

Corinne is also a qualified dog groomer with a Diploma from JKL Training Academy which is very useful when we have pets which need a little bit of extra coat care! She enjoys taking further education courses through the Veterinary Information Network, and has completed courses in Emergency Medicine, Rabbit Anaesthesia, Small Animal Anaesthesia and Small Rodent Review. Without a doubt, Corinne is a pet lover, and has a Syrian Hamster called Tong Yuen.


The Nurses and Vet Assistants


BSc (hons) RVN
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (QVN)​
Veterinary Nurse


Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (VN) Cert VNES (exotics)
​Hospital Manager / Veterinary Nurse


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV (QVN)
​Veterinary Nurse

​ Ronnie

Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV ​Veterinary Assistant


Cert IV Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant

Na Na

Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant


Studying Cert II Trainee Veterinary Assistant


BSc (Hons)
Veterinary Nurse