Dodo has been working with us since April 2012 and completed her Cert II in 2013, she recently started her Cert IV to become a Qualified Veterinary Nurse. In September 2014 we became a 24 hour hospital and Dodo joined our experienced night team, she has completed various courses on emergencies and critical care and enjoys dealing with the complicated cases that come in at night.

She loves keeping animals which is what attracted her to becoming a vet assistant. She has rescued 3 dogs and 1 cat, owns a whole cute hedgehog family, bearded dragons and an iguana. Her favorite pets are her schnauzers because they are very loyal. Dodo is a very active and energetic girl and loves many outdoor sports including free diving and wakeboarding.


The Nurses and Vet Assistants


BSc (hons) RVN
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (QVN)​
Veterinary Nurse


Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (VN) Cert VNES (exotics)
​Hospital Manager / Veterinary Nurse


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV (QVN)
​Veterinary Nurse

​ Ronnie

Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV ​Veterinary Assistant


Cert IV Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant

Na Na

Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant


Studying Cert II Trainee Veterinary Assistant


BSc (Hons)
Veterinary Nurse