Pui started working with us in May 2015 after working as a Veterinary Assistant from 2011 at another clinic, she then completed her Cert II in January 2016 and is now undertaking her Cert IV to become a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

Pui loves all animals which is why she became a Veterinary Assistant, but her favourite animals are hedgehog and dogs, especially golden retriever and all giant dogs such as St Bernards and Great Danes, which we don't see too much of in Hong Kong! She owns a cat which was adopted from her previous clinic and enjoys spending time relaxing with him when she's not at work.


The Nurses and Vet Assistants


BSc (hons) RVN
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (QVN)​
Veterinary Nurse


Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (VN) Cert VNES (exotics)
​Hospital Manager / Veterinary Nurse


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV (QVN)
​Veterinary Nurse

​ Ronnie

Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV ​Veterinary Assistant


Cert IV Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant

Na Na

Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant


Studying Cert II Trainee Veterinary Assistant


BSc (Hons)
Veterinary Nurse