Zofeya has been a Veterinary Assistant for 2 years, becoming enthusiastic about animals after working in a laboratory; she joined our team in August 2016.  She has a higher diploma in medical and health, and a degree in biological science.

At home Zofeya has a dog, cats, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and terrapins, all of them are rescued and adopted.  She loves working with animals, and feels lucky that she can help animals every day, at home and at work.  Zofeya loves to study and gain knowledge on looking after animals, so that she can help provide the best care possible, she is currently studying her Cert II in veterinary nursing and is looking to complete all her training to become a qualified veterinary nurse.  Apart from spending time with her animals, outside of work Zofeya is very active and enjoys diving and traveling.


The Nurses and Vet Assistants


BSc (hons) RVN
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (QVN)​
Veterinary Nurse


Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)
Veterinary Nurse


​Cert IV (VN) Cert VNES (exotics)
​Hospital Manager / Veterinary Nurse


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV (QVN)
​Veterinary Nurse

​ Ronnie

Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant


Cert II
​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert IV ​Veterinary Assistant


Cert IV Veterinary Assistant


Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant

Na Na

Cert II ​Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant Studying Cert IV


Cert II Veterinary Assistant


Studying Cert II Trainee Veterinary Assistant


BSc (Hons)
Veterinary Nurse