Husbandry of your Green Iguana

Learn all about the husbandry requirements of the Green Iguana to ensure you can provide the best possible care to this large tree-living lizard from South America.

Husbandry of Land Tortoises

Tortoise ownership can be very rewarding if you provide good habitat and diet for your tortoise. But providing an inappropriate environment and diet will turn out to be a nightmare for you, your vet and your pet tortoise!

Why feed pellets to your Parrot

Parrots in the wild feed themselves on fruits, seeds and nuts that they can find.  According to the season the source may vary and they therefore get a varied and balanced diet.

Care of Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) come from Australia and in the wild they live in dry, rocky, semi-desert areas. They are excellent climbers, spending time on branches, rocks and in bushes.

Guinea Pig Dental Disease

Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see with our guinea pig patients. It is a terrible disease as it hurts when they eat!

How to Cut Dog's Nails

Learn how to cut your dog's nails. You will need to trim your dogs nails regularly. Watch our video to find out the best way to cut your dog's nails and with a few tips thrown in.

Care for your Rabbit

To ensure your rabbit is happy and healthy you need to make sure you are providing the best possible diet and housing. Take a look at our guidelines for rabbit husbandry.

Five important points to consider when buying a Tortoise

Tortoises are unique and fascinating creatures. If you are thinking of buying a new pet tortoise, just like with any other pet, it is important to plan and prepare. This checklist will help make sure you are ready BEFORE purchasing a tortoise.

Care of Ferrets

The wild ferret is a strict carnivore eating rodents and rabbits.  They have a short intestinal tract and teeth that are designed to eat meat and bones. Ferrets are very social animals and generally do well as a couple or larger group.

How to Brush Dog's Teeth

Learn how to brush your dog's teeth in our step by step guide. It is important to brush your dog's teeth as part of their dental health. Find out how to clean their teeth and how to get your dog used to it with our tips and best practice advice.

What Happens When a Chinchilla Needs a Dental Check-Up & Treatment

Your chinchilla may require a dental examination and/or treament. Watch Dt Tiger demonstrate how this is done in the Tai Wai Small Animal and Exotic Hospital.

How to Feed a Turtle or Tortoise with a Feeding Tube

You may be asked to feed your turtle or tortoise with a feeding tube as part of their treatment, watch our video to find out how to do this.