Posted on Thursday 9th July 2020

Categories: Care Videos

Watch our video on how to cut rabbit nails. Your rabbit will need its nails trimmed regularly as part of your rabbit care.

When trimming your rabbit's nails it is important to note the number and location of each nail. There are 4 toes on each of its front paws with a dewclaw along the leg. Each hind paw has four toes. When trimming your rabbit's nails you can use a pair of animal nail clippers or human nail clippers. The most important part of trimming your rabbit's nails is ensuring you do not cut the blood vessel, like the pink part of the nail. This is important because cutting too much nail will cause the animal to bleed. Before cutting make sure you can clearly see each nail by holding back any fur. If the animal is calm you can gently keep the rabbit close to your body while you cut. Another way is cradling the rabbit on its back. In this position if your rabbit kicks, they will just kick the air and not the table. This rabbit has very long nails, therefore more nail can be removed, but always ensure you do not cut the pink area.  This procedure was performed by Dr Katriona Bradley (Dr Tiger) & Kathryn Robertson. Thanks to our rabbit models including Gravy!

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