Posted on Monday 13th July 2020

Categories: Care Videos

Please see our video on How to Syringe Feed a Rabbit. If your vet has recommended this type of support feeding our video provides best practice advice and tips.

To begin support feeding you need to prepare the assigned nutritional formula. This involved using a syringe, with the hub removed. There are two types: the 3ml and 1ml. In preparation add enough water to the formula, until it reaches a consistency similar to thick congee or porridge. Draw up the mixture until it fills the syringe. Wipe off excess food to prevent wastage and to keep the (rabbit's) face clean. When holding your rabbit place your forearm alongside its body and gently hold its head. Place the syringe in the mouth, tucking it under the lips of the rabbit, between the molar and incisors. Ensure the syringe is properly placed within the mouth, to ensure the food is deposited on the tongue and not on the lips. Repeatedly feed until your rabbit has eaten the quantity advised by your vet. Make sure you clean away any excess food, and ensure your pet has swallowed before continuing with feeding.   This procedure was performed by Jessica Scoffield & Kathryn Robertson. Thanks to our two model bunnies!

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