The only Hospital in Hong Kong offering full 24-hour emergency facilities for all pets (exotics, cats and dogs) including a veterinarian in Hospital 24 hours a day, and 24-hour nursing care.

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  • Thank you to the entire team of Tai Wai Exotic Hospital (day and night doctors and nurses and receptionists) to save my life. Thank for comforting my mum daily. I surely will miss you all. Milou.

    - Milou's Owner

  • To the whole team at Tai Wai. Many thanks for the excellent care Hoki received when he had a GDV. Thank You. Special thanks to Dr Vincent performing the life saving surgery. Dr Tiger for checking up on Hobi and Dr Peter for fixing his wound! We cannot thank you all enough for saving his life! XXX

    - Hobi's Owner

  • Dear Dr Tiger and team, We would like to express our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to your team. Don Don passed away peacefully on the first day of February 2016. Though is road was kind of rough at the end, he had had a valuable and 'tasty' 10 year time. Many thanks, as always for the professional care and support to this gentle little boy all along the way. With gratitude.

    - Don Don

  • To everyone at Tai Wai ! I want to say thank you very much for the care you gave Bo Bo my beloved parrot when she was very sick. I believe she would have died without your help. I really appreciate that the doctors and staff at Tai Wai have taken the time to learn more about animal like parrots. Now I know that the other doctors I went to for treatment really didn't know what they were doing!!!! That you again for all being very professional and caring so much.

    - Bo Bo

  • We are grateful for Dr. Tiger’s care for our rabbit, But But, in the last few years. But But used to have unsolved dental problem with long teeth, uneven teeth. We used to take him to another clinic and received suboptimal care. Until we changed to Dr. Tiger and her Tai Wai Small Animals and Exotic Hospital, my rabbit’s health has greatly improved and I was really Impressed by their professionalism.

    - But But's owner

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