How to Clean a Rabbit's Ears

Posted on Thursday 9th July 2020

Categories: Care Videos

Our video on how to clean rabbit ears will help you look after your pet. Your rabbit may need its ears cleaned on a regular basis so please use our advice and tips to help you do this. Pet rabbit care is important for the health of you rabbit so please see our other rabbit videos.

Begin by moving your rabbit to a flat surface. Next pour a small amount of ear cleaning fluid into the ear canal. Getly massage the base of the ear to help dislodge dirt. Then using a cotton ball begin to gently wipe out any dirt and wax. DO NOT push too deep as this may lead to injury. Repeat for the other ear. Add the liquid, massage the ear and gently wipe with a cotton ball.  This procedure was performed by Kathryn Robertson and thanks to our rabbit model.

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