What Happens When Your Dog or Pet Needs a Dental (Part 3)

Posted on Wednesday 1st July 2020

Categories: Care Videos

Part 3 of what happens when your dog or pet needs a dental. Your pet may need dental treatment and this series of videos shows you what happens when your pet comes to our clinic for their dental examination or treatment.

Following the dental it is important to ensure your pet has recovered fully. At discharge the vet will explain the procedures which were performed. If your pet requires any post-op medication the vet or VA will explain what medications have been pescribed and how to administer them. Our staff will then explain how important it is to keep the teeth clean at home. Various methods such as tooth brushing, use of chew toys such as Kongs, and special foods will be discussed. Tooth brushing is the best method, although your pet may need some training to accept it. Please see our other videos for top tips. The VA will then escort you to reception to help you arrange final payment of the bill and answer any other queries you may have. Thanks to Tinkerbell our dog model.  

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