What to Expect when you are referred to Tai Wai

You have been referred to us by your regular veterinarian and we would like to welcome you to our hospital and give you some guidelines about what to expect during your visit.

Please call 2687 1030 to book an appointment and

  • tell the receptionist that you have been sent by another clinic as we need to have your pet’s medical record transferred to us
  • be sure you have the name or number your pet is registered with at the other clinic
  • if your pet is an exotic species, please ask for an appointment with one of our Exotic Vets
  • if the referral is for 24 hour hospital care at night we will not be able to offer a choice of doctors as we have one vet working overnight

Please ensure you arrive on time, and bring along

  • all the medicines and details of foods and any supplements
  • photos of the home environment and videos of any abnormal behaviour
  • photos or samples of vomit, abnormal urine or faeces
  • any other medical records for your pet

It is best if the person bringing the pet to us is

  • knowledgeable about the animal
  • able to make medical and financial decisions
  • able to give consent, being over 18 years

TWSAEH is a busy 24 hour hospital, and our standard consultation time is for 15 minutes.

If your pet needs blood tests or there are options for you to consider the consultation may take longer, up to 2 hours.

At TWSAEH the doctors will often advise the need for sedation to perform X rays, ultrasound and other procedures. Sedation is often needed to reduce the stress on your pet, and to get the ideal positioning for these tests. If your animal needs to be admitted to hospital, we will ask for a deposit covering the estimates for investigations and surgery and your pet’s stay in hospital.

Our visiting hours for hospitalised pets are

  • 7:30 - 11:00 pm by appointment
  • both are for a visit of 2 people of 15 minutes
  • please check the visiting hours before you come, as they may change in the future.

We will send the medical records back to your regular vet after your pet’s stay, so they can provide optimum ongoing care. They know the most about your pet and are the best choice for continuing treatments. We will only treat your pet for the purpose of the referral and any conditions directly associated.

Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s care.

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